The One with the Quarantine Costume


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Pandemics suck, especially on Halloween…

when it falls on a Saturday…

and there’s an extra thanks to daylight saves…

and there’s a full moon….

Absolute waste!

So, instead of being with our real friends this year, a wonderful SoCal woman and yours truly decided to spend the day with some fake Friends instead.

A two-person, six-headed costume, the plan was to dress as Monica and Chandler and make props of the other four that we could hold for group shots. Keeping it festive, we based our costumes and theirs on season 8’s blatantly titled “The One with the Halloween Party.”

I sketched and painted them up in procreate first, using screencaps and promo shots as inspiration (read: to trace over).

Once we had the designs and paint/color reference, we printed them up large enough to fill up our 20″x30″ black foamboard. With the aid of transfer paper, we traced out the printed out designs, cut out our Friends, and started painting.

It was a simple project, but fun all the same. As elaborate plan to get your girlfriend to dress up as Catwoman go, this was pretty easy.

Stay safe, wash your candy, and Happy Halloween from Apartment 20.

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