Birds of Prey: Crisis on Earth-203 (Fan Comic)

DISCLAIMERS: The following comic story is a fanmade work and has no intent on infringing on the rights of the creators or copyright holders of Birds of Prey, Batman, Superman, or any other part of the DC Universe.

NO ONE involved with this story’s production owns these characters, as they are the property of DC, Warner Bros., and WarnerMedia. I highly recommend you read and watch the original source materials, as they are wonderful and probably the reason you are here in the first place.

This story was written purely out of love for the 2002 Birds of Prey television series and current slate of CW superhero dramas, and is not profiting this story’s creators in any way other than fulfilling some very nerdy dreams.

Thank you, and enjoy.


It’s Revolution time, Boppers! If you loved the Birds of Prey TV series like I did, if you love the current CW shows like I do, if you loved the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event like I did, then I sincerely hope you enjoy the story that follows.

I wrote this comic for the fans like me. Fans who love the characters and world set up in the Birds of Prey series. Fans who have watched and rewatched the same 13 episodes of television for nearly-two decades. Fans who always wanted more.

The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event gave us that “more” this past December. Never in a million years did I think I’d see Ashley Scott’s Huntress running across my TV screen again. But as soon as it happened, it was over, and all I could do was wonder what had led Helena Kyle to meet her end on that rainy, New Gotham rooftop (need a refresher?)

Seeing that quick 47 seconds of footage for the first time was a mix of nostalgic thrills and heartbreak that I still can’t articulate months later.

So rather than processing those feelings like a normal nerd, I wrote this. My love letter to the show, the creators, the characters, and the fans.

For those of you that have seen Birds of Prey but not watched Crisis on Infinite Earths of any of the CW shows, this might be helpful: RECAP RAPS

For the Arrowverse fans who have a tenuous grasp on the original Birds of Prey series, give this a quick look: Birds of Prey Opening Sequence

And a quick, ENORMOUS thanks before we get going to EV Cantada for the work he did to produce the incredible artwork to follow over past few months. This comic would still be words without his artistry and I cannot thank him enough for putting up with all my notes and nerdery.

Ever obsess over 47 seconds of television for months?

Happened to me.



To hear more about the creation of this here fan comic, check out my discussion with Zach Moore on Always Hold On To Smallville.

AND, if you want to hear Zach and I talk about every episode of Birds of Prey in excruciating detail, check us our every month on the









7 thoughts on “Birds of Prey: Crisis on Earth-203 (Fan Comic)

  1. Hey, I discovered this comic after Ashley herself posted it onto Facebook. I think what you all have done here is so incredible and it brings me a lot of joy when I see this show get the love it deserves. Birds of Prey was truly a gem and it’s a shame it didn’t get the credit it deserves. This comic is amazing from the writing to the colors to the way it was drawn up, it’s perfect. That panel of Helena jumping off the roof is so iconic and I love the cover. I also loved how you guys added iconic tidbits to the old show; like Barbara’s driving and Helena’s snappy, sassy dialogue. It was really great to even have Br–Batman make an appearance and I;m really happy to see him even if it wan’t the father/daughter mended relationship I’d been hoping for since the show. I was only a baby when the show was on tv but when I discovered it, I bought it immediately. I really admire how passionate the cast is over the show which I believe is something rare to be had. I die a little inside every time I see Ashley post something about Helena on her social medias and while I don’t watch the CW shows like I used to, I really tuned in for the Crisis event to see Helena again. I know this is fan-made, but having everyone back in it again makes the cameo more complete. Not to be negative but I really hoped Helena was going to play more of a role in the crossover (I really think she deserved it) and be part of the paragons who helps end the crisis from happening. This just makes me so emotional and nostalgic so thank you. I don’t know if you, Ev, and Nikki plan to do a part two for this comic but I strongly encourage it.

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    1. Hi Haley,
      I have to say, reading this means the absolute world to me, so thank you so much for taking the time to read and reach out! I had such a blast putting this together but it’s really just for fans like us of the original show to find and enjoy.

      I was the writer and producer on this, so budget-wise this was kind of a one-time thing. I don’t want to get any hopes up about seeing more any time soon, but really appreciate your excitement for it. PLUS, the story idea I REALLY want to do takes place before this and would detail the return of Bruce and that feels like it would be long and expensive. Almost what should have been the series finale at, like, season 6 or 7. Oof, to live on that Earth.

      Anyway, truly, seriously, thank you for reading and reaching out. This made my day!

      All the best,
      Insta: @BirdsOfPreyTV


  2. This fan comic is amazing. I loved the story and after reading how the design of all the characters came to be was so cool. I remember watching the show originally and wished that it got another season. This brought it to a close that it deserved. As a fan of the show I want to say thank you.


  3. Amazing job! BOP will always have a special place in my heart. The show, specifically the one where Barbara was looking at her old Batgirl costume on display, brought me back into comic book reading. My favorite scenes were the ones where she was using her escrima sticks, so I’m very happy that she uses them in this issue! I wish we could have more of these!


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