Lois Lane Painting


“Girl Reporter”
Acrylic on canvas

Superman works best as a love story. At least, that’s what a steady lifetime diet of Lois & Clark has led me to believe. She’s an essential part of what keeps Clark human and what keeps Superman in the sky. Naturally, I wanted to paint her, but I was struggling with a way to A, represent an eternal version of the character and B, how to make sure she read as the character immediately and not just some random woman on the street.


d2cfeca2a66b813fc82cccd0fbb0a328.jpgI did a few sketches of her waiting by a telephone booth, hailing cabs, etc, but it didn’t read as Lois to me. Then I thought of one of my favorite images of the couple of all time, which was created as a promotional shot for the Paramount Fleischer cartoon serials in the 1940s. I deleted him but left the negative space from his hands and head to visually represent him, all without a single drop of blue paint.

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