Broken Wings Birds of Prey Podcast Archive



For a very brief time I thought I would make a monthly podcast about a forgot Batman spinoff series that no one remembers. Believe it or not, the project was short-lived, but led to some great experiences and experience.

I was 12-years-old when Birds of Prey premiered on The WB in 2002. Though a Batman fan since birth, I had never really been exposed to the comic universe, so “Oracle,” “Huntress,” “metahuman,” “cancelled”… all words I first learned from Birds of Prey.

Picture 3_6

I was hooked when I watched the pilot that October and utterly devastated come Thanksgiving, when the show was straight-up merc’ed and left for dead by Michigan J. Frog. Luckily, the writers had just enough time to wrap the show up in the final episode, but it was certainly a “before its time” situation from the start. A series that would have thrived in the current CW landscape, Birds was afraid of it’s comic origins at every turn, keeping characters out of traditional crime fight couture in favor of Matrix-inspired black shinery and maskless faces.

More to come on Birds of Prey in the future, but cut a decade or so ahead and I am living in Los Angeles with a strong desire to podcast; but what about? Birds seemed like a perfect option for me.

Picture 30_2

I reached out to everyone (EVERYONE) who was a part of the show and was lucky enough to get some responses, eventually landing star Ashley Scott in the final episode!

Though the original site is long gone, I am happy to have the interview episodes of Broken Wings live on here for anyone weird enough to find it.



In this episode, independent filmmaker and Gotham City Animation Supervisor Tim Everitt talks with Matt about his animation work on Birds of Prey. Tim has worked on tons of amazing projects, including The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and much, much more. Matt and Tim’s conversation covers special effects in Los Angeles, Tim’s career as an animator and filmmaker, his love of Batman, and of course, his extensive effects work on Birds. It’s a great interview with an exceptionally talented man. Special thanks to Tim for taking the time out of his night to talk Birds of Prey! And please check out to find out more about what Tim is up to now!




Broken Wings is back with a one-on-one interview with Birds of Prey star Ashley Scott! Ashley has had an amazing career, from her beginnings as a model to roles in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, Into the Blue, Jericho and the Lifetime hit Unreal. But she will always be best known on Broken Wings by the name Huntress. Host Matt Truex talks in depth with Ashley about her start as a model, her career change to acting, and every step of her Birds of Prey experience. Follow Ashley on her website or on Twitter @IamAshleyScott. Follow Matt @MatTruex and @Brokenwingspod. Be sure to check out more Birds of Prey news and articles at



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