MEN IN BLACK: Devil In The Diner (Fan Comic)

Happy spooky season, earthlings! And what better way to celebrate than with a ghostly tale from the secret files of the Men in Black. 

I wrote this spec comic script years ago, inspired by A, the total lack of modern Men in Black comic content, and B, a story Paula Pell told on the Astonishing Legends podcast. Pell recounted a chilling tale about seeing what she felt was a personification of evil itself in a diner late one night (The description doesn’t do it justice. Just turn on all the lights and listen to the episode). The experience Pell recounted would scare the ever-living hell out of most people, but it’d be just another night for the MIB. 

I initially wrote the script intending to draw it myself, but after a few dozen misspent hours… no, that didn’t happen. Instead, years later, I got an email from the intergalactically-talented Asela De Silva. He asked if I had a short comic script he could draw as a portfolio piece, thereby sparing myself and the world from the version I would have scrawled together. I dusted off the script, added some trippy visuals, removed some overly-precious descriptions, and sent it to him with my blessing to deviate whenever he had a better idea. Thankfully, he had many and delivered the incredible artwork you are about to experience. 

Quick note for anyone who cares about the continuity of the Men in Black films: this story takes place somewhere between Men in Black II and Man in Black 3

Enjoy, agents!

Huge thanks again to Asela De Silva for reaching out and putting so much time and creativity into the art above! The guy is an absolute beast of an artist and worth a follow and profile deep dive!

Thanks also to Nikki Powers for always delivering some beautiful lettering and putting up with all my typos.

Want some more MIB talk? Listen to the Men In Black episode of the And Why Not? Podcast to hear me praise a perfect movie for an hour!

Thanks for reading!!!




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